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Aircraft Maintenance

Digitalisation: a facilitator of performance

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After two critical years of Covid, the aeronautics sector is evolving in an always complex environment. Between runaway inflation, fuel prices and a tight geopolitical context impacting traditional roads and thus lengthening routes, the decarbonization of aviation and the difficulty in recruiting maintenance personnel, the addition continues to grow.

However, in any crisis, good things always come out. If only sometimes because we have no choice but to change the situation!

Indeed, many operators have been forced to renew their fleet. Sometimes even in the totality to move towards new generation aircraft safer and less consumption to replace their old ones at the end of life cycle.

If the average age of a plane was still 20 years old yesterday, it should now be half. Also, improving its maintenance processes and making them efficient becomes a necessity.

tracing flight article mai 2024

Between abundant and increasingly complex technical documentation to integrate, necessary but increasing training time for technicians and mechanics, heavy and technical regulations imposed, it is necessary to optimize work processes, to increase its operational performance, reduce its costs and take care of the customer relationship by allocating more time and better service.

Digitization provides effective solutions to optimize, improve and streamline all stages of the aeronautical maintenance process.

The Tracing Flight suite is designed in this sense with the permanent concern to be quickly apprehended in order to make an easy and immediate use. It is developed and maintained to allow a better user experience with advanced ergonomics research, its «user friendly» interface making it attractive and easily operable.

Thanks to our specific software such as Tracing Line © for the MRO activity and workshop, our solution offers:

  • Better control of processes
  • A global and interconnected management of the needs of the maintenance center stakeholders
  • Prevention and responsiveness for problem solving
  • Record-time repair gathering all data, performing real-time analysis

The implementation of both types of predictive and corrective maintenance are thus optimized, and repair costs when needed are significantly reduced. In addition, increasing the reliability and safety of maintenance operations is at the heart of our concerns because the challenge is major for the aeronautics sector.

We also make sure to allow you to easily collect information in real time and, in a process of continuous improvement, we evolve our software solutions.

Our teams invested in continuous innovation aim to offer ever more automated tasks, to integrate an ever greater volume of documents to manage, facilitate seamless collaboration throughout the maintenance process and eliminate human factor errors as much as possible.

Using state-of-the-art software solutions, such as Tracing Line©, work instructions are shared to provide the right information at the right time while keeping track of each task by identifying when, who and how it-this has been initiated and finalized.

If you want to have an exchange with our specialized teams and test our solutions online or in workshop, just one click by following this link.