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Our industry

Not only do we develop and implement your aircraft maintenance software, but we also provide your teams with training

Our company develops turnkey, multilingual tracking software specific to the requirements of professionals in the aeronautical industry.

Together, we make sure you have full control over your aeronautical business, from management tasks to aircraft fleet traceability. Our step-by-step process includes:

  • An audit of your business processes
  • Implementation of adapted aircraft management software
  • Follow-up and support at every stage of your business

Our DNA? Anticipation and security!

“We understand the importance of security, especially in aeronautics. Maintenance programs to safeguard systems, on-board security, secure data transfer, regulatory standards, etc. We make no concessions in these areas.

Moreover, we know that aircraft ground time due to a part that hasn’t arrived or an engineer who can’t do the job will cost you a fortune.

And we firmly believe that forecasting can keep your business out of danger.

That’s why our company culture is based on two key components: anticipation and security.

First, we conduct an audit to define your business needs and analyse your company’s current IT systems.

Our specialised teams are attentive to your needs and provide advice to make sure you get the best service possible.

We breed reliability through our solutions, software and range of services. Our personalised solutions continually offer fresh customer experiences”.

Patrick Hyppolite, President at IXARYS Group

A team? Committed! 

An attentive management team

A passionate, innovative and enthusiastic team


Véronique MAUREL General Management

Patrick HYPPOLITE President

Adrien Operations Director


Laetitia Administrative Manager

Nouvelle catégorie

Manon Trainer

Development Manager

Alexandre Development Manager

Daniel Development Manager

Frédéric Technical Director

Fabien Development Manager


Jordan Developer

Maxime Developer

Gautier Developer


Stéphane Trainer

Sales team

Estelle Sales Manager


David Technical Manager

Our history

More than 30 years of experience in the field of traceability and software development.


“From our very first software solution to today, our ambition has remained constant: deliver scalable, intuitive, easy-to-access software and quality service.”

Véronique Maurel and Patrick Hyppolite are the co-founders of IXARYS. Their company publishes software dedicated to digital traceability (production – maintenance – aeronautics). They have more than 30 years of skill backed by each of their professions and international expertise. With a broad perspective, the two put their professional, global approach to business operations into creating the company’s aeronautical division. They aimed to reshape their software and remain responsive to the demands of users, with a steadfast commitment to anticipation and profitability. Throughout the years, they were able to surround themselves with a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians to best support the company’s customers.