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dynamique rse

Ixarys solutionsThe dynamics of CSR

IXARYS SOLUTIONS, a solution designer and integrator for your aircraft maintenance software, is a committed and responsible company that listens to its customers, partners and employees..

This responsability is based on 3 key dimensions: 

  • the protection of the environment
  • social inclusion
  • durable economic growth

and the expectations of stakeholders, which are based on 5 priorities :

  • environmental issues 
  • social aspects and issues related to work and employees
  • health and safety in a broad sense
  • human rights and respect for fundamental freedoms 
  • ethics and anti-corruption and bribery issues

IXARYS solutions 
5 major challenges

  • Environmental issue
  • Safety issue
  • Social issue 
  • Societal issue
  • Ethics & compliance

Environmental issues:
limiting our impact 

IXARYS implements an environmental policy that integrates the optimization
of energy and natural resources
as well as the prevention of pollution

Levers of decarbonization intrinsic
to the activity of our customers

We advocate a gradual abandonment of paper documentation in favor of a completely paperless and secure solution.

Dematerializing all invoices will save thousands of trees each year. IXARYS has developed for your winery or for your TracingGest cooperative winery the commercial management ERP integrating a billing software and its TracingDocs©module, to meet your billing needs and filing of paperless documents Simple and efficient, the solution is naturally part of our customers' environmental approach.

Reduce emissions from cloud use 

We have chosen to act throughout the value chain: virtualized solutions located in France and at a reasonable distance from the initial point of call consumption shared between several users.

On the other hand the operators who collaborate with IXARYS, have undertaken actions to reduce the consumption of the structure by using economies of scale and state-of-the-art devices

The optimization chosen pursues the objective of reducing our GHG emissions.

enjeu environemental

Reduce emissions from our servers

We have chosen efficient processors that limit consumption per operation. 

Reduce travel 

Remote meetings and seamless introduction of telework 

An incentive approach

We encourage our employees to take any local initiative to protect the envrionment.


Safety Issue : progress under control 

IXARYS Solutions, designer and integrator of solutions for your aeronautical maintenance software is convinced that safety is the foundation of all progress, that it must be sustainable, contribute to preserving the lives of women and men and ecosystems.
Preventing, controlling and controlling risks of any kind guarantees performance and supports innovation. This is the starting point for our action, our strategic choices and the development of our activities.


Cyber security, a priority topic 

We put our expertise and solutions (secure cloud, digital safe, etc.) at the service of our customers to ensure data security, backup and protection.


protection propriete donnees

Respect data owners 

We provide our customers with the solution and the consulting-service dimension in terms of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ethical issue of the management of their data.

maitrise des risques

Quality assurance and risk control 

IXARYS SOLUTIONS fights risks at source, analyses them, reduces them and prevents them in collaboration with our stakeholders (employees, customers, subcontractors, etc.).

enjeu social

Social issue : putting people at the heart of
the strategy

It is a social logic that respects and nurtures everyone.
The women and men who make up IXARYS SOLUTIONS are our wealth. 
Our activity is oriented towards others, because it is our profession but because it is also in our DNA.

No discrimination and inclusion

We are committed to promoting an inclusive culture and protecting human rights.

  • Recruitment: giving everyone a chance
    Our recruitment methods are non-discriminatory and are based on skills and know-how.
  • Integration of young people: a priority in our HR policy
    We are particularly committed to helping young generations find a place in society. We offer apprenticeships, train and accompany young people in one of the first stages of their professional life. 
  • Responsible employer
    As a responsible employer we favour sustainable employment and permanent contracts.
  • Gender equality
    Our HR policy is to consider all our employees in the same way, the remuneration of each is equivalent to similar position and function.
  • Respect for human rights 
    Everyone working for IXARYS Solutions is treated with respect and health, their safety and their fundamental rights are protected.

Supporting the transformation of our businesses

  • Training
    Our business is constantly evolving. Our teams must be able to support our customers in the best traceability software solutions for the most up-dated and secure aeronautics. The development of our company is linked to the performance of our employees. Sustainable performance. Supporting the digital transformation of our clients' businesses and businesses requires the best technical and pedagogical skills, it is in this sense that our training program was designed.
  • Promotion and evolution: increasing our team competence
    Our employees are encouraged in their progression within IXARYS solutions.
    It is part of our culture and our values to make them evolve regularly and to the extent of their capabilities.

Be an attractive company

Developing quality of work life (QVT) and well-being

entreprise attractive
  • Well-being at work
    It leads to the development of employees and improves commitment. Driving our actions, our QVT policy is based on many actions that leave room for regular dialogue with teams and information and user-friendliness meetings.
  • A commitment to the practice of telework
    We are aware that this type of organization can contribute to a better balance between private and professional life but we do not impose it and leave the free choice to everyone.

Societal challenge : acting for social cohesion and the solidarity economy

Second chance school

ecole deuxieme chance

Véronique Maurel, Executive Director IXARYS and President Delegate of the E2C since its creation in 2017, has expressed the following wish: That our young people get away! It is our duty to teach them to fly on their own, offering them courses that are sometimes less traditional.”

The Mediterranean Institute of Sport, Animation and Tourism (La Garde 83) (IMSAT)


Véronique Maurel , DG of IXARYS is working with the IMSAT du Var to help young people to flourish in another sector, that of sport and tourism, and to support youth employment within the territory and develop their citizenship: As a business leader, it is our mission to reach out, to facilitate their entry into a demanding professional world and beyond a profession, we also have to give them a sense of values, because they are building our society of tomorrow. The transmission of know-how is of course important, but knowledge – being just as important, I do it every day.”

Support of the Draguignan Basetball Club (DUC)

club duc

Insertion through sport: Véronique Maurel, DG of IXARYS has chaired for 4 years this club which gathers more than 200 graduates with a disabled team, she is still an active member of the club.  By developing team spirit and fighting spirit, we are giving young people the right tools to use them to face the economic challenges ahead.” DUC Basket has been awarded the LABEL CITOYENS 3 Etoiles.

Tackling school dropouts and the digital divide, local action

« At IXARYS Solutions, we have decided to focus on the integration of young people into society, in particular to support those who are excluded from it, and build a sustainable future with them, anchored in the territories.”

Véronique Maurel, Director General IXARYS.

Taking action locally and supporting businesses and artisans in the Var region who have been hit hard during the pandemic

accompagnement entreprises

Supporting companies in difficulty and guiding them to avoid the worst, this is an action that IXARYS SOLUTIONS leads by making its contribution to the Chamber of Commerce and the UPV (Union Patronale du Var) in economic and social commissions

Véronique (1)

Acting for Gender Equality

To establish the place of women in society, IXARYS SOLUTIONS software developer for accessibility supports several associations including:  

  • Women in the digital age
  • Head of enterprise of 83
ethique et compliance

Ethics & compliance

IXARYS Solutions is committed to respecting and promoting within its company the application of the principle of non-discrimination in favour of cultural, ethnic and social diversity.

Thanks to a concerted and evaluated policy, the employees of the company assert themselves by daily gestures and by their professionalism as citizen actors, both in our premises and among our customers.