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Our 4 pillars

In TracingFlight©, technical expertise and organisational skills go hand in hand.

In addition to safety and performance, our company offers clients something that money cannot buy: respect.

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Our men and women

We accomplish nothing without them. Nothing worthy. We’ve therefore selected the best among them.

They understand your business. They organise your shops and maintenance programmes. They are proud of their passion for aeronautics and their dedication, and they commit to your business without fail. Those are our teams. We hold them dear. So will you.

Those are our teams. We hold them dear. So will you.


Technical expertise & organizational skills

What sets the field of aeronautics apart?

No company is the same. Each of your demands are distinct. Security and reliability are the bedrock of our products. That’s why we think it’s important to offer unique solutions, all with the same level of quality. Our experts are your partners.

Transformation & a gentle shift

Companies have technical needs and are awaiting valuable advice. Whether your project is short or long term, your organisation is a living thing and requires scalable, specific solutions. We understand that.

TracingFlight© Promotes a unique offer of global solutions that interconnect airworthiness monitoring, maintenance and the electronic management of documents. It puts a special emphasis on start-up support. A range of services to make sure you succeed at your business’ digital transformation.

“Customer experience” takes on its full meaning and the comfort of your teams becomes a reality.

Dynamic performance 

Your situation, your pace and your projects can vary as you move forward, and priorities can often change. Understanding your constantly changing situation is our job. Responding with scalable solutions is part of our mission statement. What is integral to our commitments ? Innovation, adaptability, performance and a rigorous respect for your business challenges.

Our customers are our wealth.

Best practices are shared with each of them.

Our partnership has purpose.

Research & development.

Our division offers, tests and approves each solution.

Anticipation and innovation are at the core of our business.

TracingFlight© works every day in favour of security, and assures reliable, efficient solutions for its customers. Its employees and suppliers share the same engagement.

In this mindset, TracingFlight© pursues a threefold objective:

  • Special attention to the environment
  • A role to play in society
  • A promise of comfort for optimal work

We invest alongside workshop leaders who are sensitive to CSR issues.

We direct our efforts towards:

  • CO2 emissions through reduced paper use thanks to digital solutions and waste recycling, such as selective sorting, recycling of cardboard and cartridges, etc.
  • Societal efforts and commitments to solidarity:
  1. Occupational integration of youth: 60% of our team is less than 30 years old, of which 98% are permanent contract workers and 80% are from the region.
  2. Employee training: 80% have attended a training since they started with the company.
  3. Support for associations: The DUC BASKET sports club in Draguignan promotes sports, youth integration through sports and personal development, an appetite for challenge and above all team spirit. But also support for occupational integration of disabled youth.
  • Comfortable working conditions and optimal results:

Thanks to our methods and products, we provide our teams with an organisation that helps us schedule business activities and anticipate resources. By improving processes, we make the organisation more reliable, we improve our financial performance, inject sustainability into our business and reduce work-related stress.