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TracingDocs, EMD tool

The TracingDocs © EMD tool exists in two versions:

  • Locally with a TITAN secured server (c)
  • 100% Cloud (France Accredited Hosting)

This software is a real management tool that you can use to optimise daily tasks and secure digital and paper data.

In the aeronautics sector, given the challenges linked to flight security, traceability is an integral part of the regulatory obligations and the quality approach of a company.
Traceability documents are described in the quality manual of the company and all personnel involved in aircraft manufacturing, assembly or maintenance are subject to the obligation to use these documents and certify them with their signature.

Your TracingDocs © tool

Software modules:

  • Collaborative work
  • Workflow
  • SEE® electronic signature
  • Contract management
  • Customised & time-dated stamps
  • Dematerialised invoice transmission
  • Transmission of official documents
  • Transfer of large files
  • Automatic classification
  • Rights management
  • Document sharing
  • Email archiving
  • Management of companion/XML files
  • Archive timestamping via atomic clock
  • Widget
  • Secure & encrypted connection: Connection with login and password, SSL encoded on HTTPS port and GandiSAS Secure Certification Authority certified
  • Centralise in the cloud! Data is accessible 7 /7, in France and abroad.
  • Software adaptability: Thanks to a simple, intuitive, and sleek interface as well as powerful integrated work tools, the application adapts fully to your work method and becomes a springboard for success…
  • Collaborative work & workflow: Optimise everyone's time and reactivity when performing tasks.
  • Sign your documents on line: The SEE® system is derived from the banking system. Sign your documents via the secure interface in a few clicks and your signature appears on the document where you want!
  • Classify, store, annotate, stamp, associate documents with each other…
  • Check your documents via EDM: Renewals, amounts, etc…
  • Manage the rights of your colleagues: Access, time slots, actions on documents & files,
  • NEW! Allocate viewing rights to your clients and suppliers.
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  • Full TEXT mode.
  • All standard digital documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf, .jpeg, .xml, .ppt...)
  • Search by key words, automatic indexation, automatic classification
  • Accessible on Mac, PC, Tablet, Smartphone 24h/24h
  • Secure Access

The TracingDocs © platform with its EUKLES publisher is now referenced with the NATO Enterprises file following a study by the Centre d’Identification des Matériels de la Défense/Defense Materials Identification Centre (CIMD) spearheaded by the National Defense Minister, and the NATO Codification System (N.C.S.) with the code FB7E9.