The TracingNav solution

The continuing airworthiness of your aircraft, simple and intuitive, in direct connection with your PART 145 workshop.


Autonomous version or version fully integrated in the Tracing range. This products in this range are interactive with the TracingFlight © workshop.

TracingNav © is a software solution for continuing airworthiness management designed for CAMO organisations. From the time of writing your continuing airworthiness programs to the delivery of APRS, this global and efficient tool will help you ensure airworthiness in complete security.

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Module adapted to continuing airworthiness management organisations (CAMO)

A monitoring and forecast tool, TracingNav provides you with the tools necessary for the continued airworthiness of each aircraft in your fleet:

Maintenance programme management

  • Integration, writing and printing of your maintenance programmes
  • Modification/updates to your maintenance programmes,
  • Publication and change history
  • Integration and application of technical notes (AD’s)
  • Complete integration and history of flight times.

Monitoring your aircraft

  • Operating hours situation
  • Complete traceability of equipment assembled on the aircraft (JAA form1 or equivalent, Individual control registry),
  • Aircraft situation with respect to the frequency of maintenance visits
  • Aircraft situation with respect to elements with a potential service life limit (equipment and sub-equipment)
  • Aircraft situation with respect to airworthiness directives (AD’s)
  • Aircraft situation with respect to modifications performed
  • Aircraft situation with respect to repairs performed
  • Situation of elements with a potential service life limit
  • Situation history of equipment hours at the time of each visit
  • Monitors the validity of the airworthiness certificate
  • Monitors the validity of weigh-ins.
  • Monitors airworthiness certificate renewal
  • Generation and publishing of order forms intended for your organisation Part 145.

TracingNav Pocket ©

A companion in mobile version for keeping your aircraft’s documents up to date:

All aircraft must be equipped with a journey log book whose form is accepted by the accredited state bodies for aircraft registration.  The log book must be kept up to date and appropriately filled in at the latest at the end of the day and on each change of aircraft commander.  The aircraft commander must update and sign the journey log book, particularly with respect to:

  • the date,
  • the names of the crew members and their role on board,
  • the origin and destination of the flight,
  • the time of departure and the time of arrival,
  • flight time,
  • flight type,
  • the fuel taken on board during refuelling,
  • the anomalies noted during the flight or the absence of anomalies specifically noted.
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