The TracingFlight solution

The simplest, most efficient, open and secure traceability tool on the market dedicated to aeronautics, according to its users. 
Tracingflight 1

A forecast solution

Complete tracking of each aircraft to forecast maintenance and unavailability times.

  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Optimise your teams
  • Real time follow-up of the status of your workshop
  • Global information on works on aircraft
  • Link possible with your management and airworthiness monitoring tools (Kardex)
  • Real-time view of your workload and production capacity
Tracing Flight 1
Tracing Flight 2
Tracing Flight 3
Tracing Flight 4

A modular solution

With this centralised workshop monitoring tool, you can connect your current management tools according to your needs and developments.

  • Monitor aircraft works and activity booklets per employee
  • Identify consumables
  • Simulate aircraft ageing
  • Monitor aircraft flight logs
  • Manage stock
  • Monitor personnel licences,
  • Schedule personnel
  • Schedule resources
  • Real and forecast scheduling of service and maintenance visits
  • Prepare purchase orders/startup orders
  • Monitor production in real time
  • Accessible locally or with TSE or 3G/4G
  • Multi-site monitoring in real time
  • A work environment adapted to user functions (security, configurable restrictions and privileges)
  • Complete documentary management (history of technical documents/photos linked to work tasks and work files)
  • Monitor maintenance work
  • Monitor tools, calibration stops
  • Multi-lingual documents (English/French)
  • Documents are configurable according to the Aircraft model
  • .... and much more

A simple solution

Only a few days are required to get started with this intuitive solution.

  • Work file management
  • Airworthiness management
  • Stock monitoring and management
  • APRS printing

An optimisation solution

Tracing Flight provides you with management and control assistance in the key steps of your business.  Your IT system is secure, your information put to better use, your activity can reach maximum yield with complete control.

  • Monitoring, recording and total flight time
  • Estimation of repairs
  • Estimation of time per task
  • Estimation of parts per maintenance task
  • Estimation of tools per maintenance task
  • Maintenance work and labour scheduling
  • Monitoring technician License validity

Regulation and security

All TracingFlight modules are designed to comply with and ensure data Traceability.



  • Automatic database backup
  • Monitoring of chronologically recorded numbers
  • Review of non-performed elements
  • Review of pending tasks


Possibility to export the databases to DataCenters for external archiving and backup. Server duplication included for all versions including automated transfer of:

  • Databases
  • Parameters
  • Rights
  • Users
  • Tasks
  • Server Cluster for large sites (on request).