IXARYS ... Conquering International Maintenance Aeronautical Industry

23 Novembre 2016

Founded in 2008, IXARYS, specialize in consulting, installation and the maintenance of IT security and management solutions, which includes the backup, archiving, server management and monitoring are all sectors in which the company operates in.
Numerous developments are underway for this dynamic company, such as; the continuation of the deployment of computer security systems (Wip Security), acquisition of new premises and recruitment. The two founders, Mrs Véronique MAUREL and Mr Patrick HYPPOLITE, wine aficionados, naturally lead the start of their software business from viticulture to aircraft traceability. From wine to planes, in 2014, IXARYS decided to develop their expertise within the aeronautical traceability field. IXARYS, accompanied by the IRCE, succeeded in raising its first 250 K€ fund in order to finance future diversification. In the past two years IXARYS has made a name for themselves within the wine & aircraft traceability software sectors, allowing customers to manage upstream and downstream production with precise maintenance data.
As of today, IXARYS is expanding internationally throughout Europe and in the North American market via the IXARYS Canadian subsidiary. In addition to the “Coup de Coeur” prize from the Safe Cluster obtained in September 2016, IXARYS have recently signed a partnership to train Polyaéro students on the TracingFlight software.

Participant: IXARYS
Founded: 13.10.2008
Category: Service
Original article: http://www.irce-paca.com/portrait/ixarys/

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