About Ixarys

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Ixarys offers turnkey solutions with a global approach that involves our teams
in the success of your project.
A range of Tracing solutions specific to aeronautics.

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We perform an audit and analyse your company’s current IT system, detect potential weaknesses and offer you adapted solutions.

The founders

With more than 25 years of experience in traceability, Véronique Maurel, General Director, and Patrick Hyppolite, President, created IXARYS to develop and export their expertise.

They surrounded themselves with multi-disciplinary colleagues that included engineers and technicians to support clients within their company.

Our concept

To manage production data upstream and downstream, to contribute forward thinking, growth and security elements to a company.

Our TRACING software meets two complementary challenges:

  • The Traceability required by the business of our clients.
  • The intelligent use of this data for forecast and simulation purposes for decision-making.
  • The software evolves along with changes in the legislation and regulations of the business sector, region or country.

They integrate three elements that are too often separated:

  • Data input, gathering and exchange
  • Dematerialisation of documents, EDM and archiving
  • Server unit with automated backup and secured WIP (IXARYS exclusivity)

Our modules are specific and multi-platform (Saas mode, Pc, Web, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.)

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In addition to meeting a specific request, we must be proactive in offering solutions with added value, that concretely improve the life of users on a daily basis and enhance the performance, safety, and sustainability of your company.


We will perform an audit and analyse your company’s current IT system, detect potential weaknesses and offer you adapted solutions.
Whether you need equipment or a renovation of your network, our technical team can help you reorganize or implement your equipment while complying with the standards in effect and giving priority to the security of your data.

Technological watch

IXARYS implements all lawful techniques aimed at systematically organising the gathering of technological information, the analysis, the dissemination and the operation of this information useful for the growth and development of companies.

Technological watch involves observing and analysing:

  • Research dealing with scientific and technical advances, products, manufacturing procedures, equipment, sub-sectors, IT systems.
  • Present and future impacts to identify threats and opportunities for growth.

Technological watch goes beyond simple research and consists of:

  • Detecting emerging technologies – Gathering information used to anticipate the changes in your sector
  • Identifying the techniques and technologies implemented by clients, suppliers, partners and competitors
  • Driving your R&D
  • Identifying the expertise likely to be involved in new projects.