A new range and a new client for Ixarys

01 Octobre 2015

IXARYS continues to increase its market presence and growth with aeronautical players in France and abroad.

Implementation of the Tracing range with an Airline company in Dubai and the release of the new TracingBag © module.

Polyvalent, multi-brand, multi-model monitoring
- Helicopters
- Drones
- Single- and double-engine aircraft
- Turbines

New Tracingbag module (Film and complete description in a few days).
Traceability from start to delivery. Preserve your actions, your movements, and your inspections without loss of data from 1 day to 30 years.

Diagrams, technical sheets, CNs, Maintenance sheets, a vast amount of documents to be made available ...

TracingFlight © also monitors your workshop scheduling, has a real time dashboard, analyses your actual and forecast flight times, and more.
A simple management system that adapts to the size of your company (from 1 to 250 persons).
So that the size of your centre neither slows down the optimisation of your work, nor lacks complete traceability.
Ask for a presentation of our range and tools...

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